Basic legal information about Shareslake

Legal Notice

We operate our technology branch under Shareslake Inc., a United States registered company. Registration number: 6831320

Using the Shareslake Dashboard to mint or redeem RUSD coins you are a customer of SHRLK LLC, a United States Limited Liability Company. Registration number: 7021239

SHRLK LLC is registered as a Money Service Business with FinCEN under the number 31000231539671. You can verify it at

The contact address is 2930 Domingo Ave #1306, Berkeley, California 94705.

The RUSD fiat reserves are held in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) accounts, providing protection against the holding bank’s failure.

Following the U.S. export regulations the dashboard or any other services directly provided by Shareslake will not support users of the following list of countries: The Republic of Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, The democratic people’s republic of Korea, Lybia, Sudan, and Somalia. And the Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.

Also, we are currently in the process of obtaining Money Transmitter Licenses per state of the United States. The list below contains the U.S. states whose citizens can already use our services (mint and redeem through the dashboard):

- Montana

In Europe, MiCA will apply starting 2024. We are partnering with banks and EMIs to provide service under their licenses. In the future, we will be applying for our own license.