About Shareslake

Shareslake’s long-term vision is to transform the current stock markets, providing extra funds to companies, with total transaction transparency, where everyone can connect to the market and have the exact same view of the market as the rest.

Shareslake provides its own coin (Redeemable – RED) which is fully collateralized and is designed to preserve people’s purchasing power over time, never worry again about losing savings due to inflation. We are the “real stablecoin”, pegged to the living costs and not to other fiat currencies or assets that are not actually stable. Redeemable is exchangeable by real securities, goods, and services that exist beyond the blockchain, breaking the barriers with the real world.

Redeemable IS NOT another speculative cryptocurrency, it is fully collateralized by a US dollar reserve, so its value depends on the reserve state.

The Shareslake Network protocol provides funds to those companies that help Redeemable to have investment capabilities and usability. In other words, the companies that fit the following conditions:

1. Investment capacity: Their shares are issued directly into the Shareslake Network, providing their owners full investor rights. Those shares are bought using Redeemable, so RED can be exchanged for something that potentially produces more value.

2. Usability: They accept Redeemable as payment for their products or services. Providing RED common utility.

Having company shares directly issued into the Shareslake network offers an infinite number of possibilities for companies of any size, and also allows the creation of a new financial ecosystem.

Companies will be able to easily manage their financial processes, from shares management to product sales thanks to the Shareslake Network and Shareslake Ecosystem tools.

On the other hand, investors can maintain liquidity while reducing their exposure to inflation, self custody their portfolios, connect to any exchange anytime without complex migration processes, and interact with their holdings in any way you can imagine since everyone can create their own tools and connect it to the network.

The free circulation of shares has arrived where we are not dependent on a custodian and his private tools.

Redeemable reserves state

The current value of Redeemable based on the reserve status is $1.

The reserve is still in the initial population phase. This means Redeemable is issued at a price of $1. In other words, to get 1 RED, 1 US dollar has to be put into the reserve.

After finishing the reserve population phase, it will be audited, and live information about reserve status will appear on this same website.

To contribute to the reserve population and obtain Redeemable back, check the get Redeemable section.

Mint Redeemable in Shareslake

You can obtain Redeemable through the Shareslake dashboard.

The dashboard adds your deposit to the USD reserve and issues Redeemable to your wallet after each network epoch. That means Redeemable “minting” operations happen once every 3 days. So, depending on when you perform the deposit, you may need to wait a maximum of 3 days to see the Redeemable in your wallet.

Before interacting with the dashboard you need to create your Shareslake wallet. Currently, the dashboard supports Eternl.

Check the guide here if you need help setting up your wallet or passing through the registration process. You can also contact us if you experience any issues or to share feedback about how to improve the dashboard. We encourage our users to join our Discord channel for contacts, doubts, and suggestions.

Exchange Redeemable in Cardano mainnet


Shareslake Dashboard

Where to find Redeemable?

Redeemable can be found in several networks and it can be moved between them through the Shareslake bridge (See the bridge section).

Redeemable supported blockchains

Redeemable is the base coin of the Shareslake network.

The Shareslake network is the first ever Cardano fork, and it is different from Cardano in that it is powered by the Redeemable “stablecoin”.

Each network transaction requires to pay the transaction fee in Redeemable, and staking rewards are distributed in Redeemable too.

Transaction costs and staking rewards are always deterministic since the Redeemable price is not subject to the typical crypto volatility, and it is easier to implement payment systems since the complexity of fiat-crypto exchange prices disappears.

Redeemable is also available in Cardano mainnet as a token.

It was deployed as the first ever Cardano “stablecoin” and it brings to the Cardano ecosystem the advantages of a common stablecoin plus the advantages of Redeemable, raising the Cardano DeFi ecosystem to the next level.

Cardano Redeemabl token details:

Policy ID:  cd5b9dd91319edbb19477ad00cbef673a221e70a17ef043951fc6786

Asset name: 52656465656d61626c65

We are working to take Redeemable features to other networks, and the Shareslake bridge will allow its inter-operability.

Shareslake Bridge

We became the first Cardano mainnet “stablecoin” on September 26th, 2022. We achieved it by carrying Redeemable from Shareslake to Cardano through the Shareslake bridge.

Using the bridge is really simple, just select the direction of the transaction and the destination address on the destination network.

Find the bridge at: https://bridge.shareslake.com/


Add your node to the network

We became the first Cardano fork on May 1st, 2022. Thus, adding a stake pool to the network is really similar to adding a stake pool in Cardano.

Adding your stake pool allows you to earn Redeemable every 3 days period, every epoch.

To facilitate the process, we created a repository containing all the required information step by step and also several scripts that will help you to deploy the pool semi-automatically.

For more information see: https://docs.shareslake.com/pool-deployment.html

Frequently asked questions

Find here some common doubts we receive

Shareslake is more than the Redeemable coin. Even though Redeemable is a new concept of coin categorized between stablecoins and normal coins, Shareslake was conceived to serve as a new way of funding companies and trade their shares in the long term. The Redeemable coin will serve as the base coin to exchange those other assets that will live inside the Shareslake network. Indeed, in the Shareslake's origins, Redeemable was just another speculative coin, but it was changed in order to attract institutional capital and increase its usability, isolating companies from the common volatility of the crypto markets.

The only way of protecting against inflation is by investing the money. Investing the money requires to lock it on some security. Using Redeemable you will be protected against inflation, preserving your purchase power, while you can still spend the Redeemable. In short, you will be protected against the inflation without locking your funds.

As you probably know, Redeemable started as a normal token. Then, some major changes were done in order to collateralized it to eliminate its volatility making it much more usable. Since the Redeemable never reached a value of $1, Shareslake will cover the difference and add it to the reserve so the initial 1:1 peg with the US dollar is maintained.

We created a bridge to move the old Cardano tokens to the Shareslake network. The detailed steps can be found here: https://docs.shareslake.com/bridge.html

The documentation as well as a repository with some script to semi-automate the process can be found at https://docs.shareslake.com/pool-deployment.html

Shareslake is the main network of Redeemable. The Shareslake network is based on Cardano, and it supports all the same features. Redeemable is also available in Cardano, and it was the first ever "stablecoin" to be deployed into Cardano mainnet. Through our bridge you can move Redeemable between Shareslake and Cardano easily.

Read Our Documents

The following documents contain an in-depth description of the project:


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