About Shareslake

Shareslake’s long-term vision is to transform the current stock markets, providing extra funds to companies, with total transaction transparency, where everyone can connect to the market and have the exact same view of the market as the rest.

Shareslake provides its own coin (Redeemable – RED) which is fully collateralized and is designed to preserve people’s purchasing power over time, never worry again about losing savings due to inflation. Redeemable is exchangeable by real securities, goods, and services that exist beyond the blockchain, breaking the barriers with the real world.

Redeemable IS NOT another speculative cryptocurrency, it is fully collateralized by a US dollar reserve, so its value depends on the reserve state.

The Shareslake Network protocol provides funds to those companies that help Redeemable to have investment capabilities and usability. In other words, the companies that fit the following conditions:

1. Investment capacity: Their shares are issued directly into the Shareslake Network, providing their owners full investor rights. Those shares are bought using Redeemable, so RED can be exchanged for something that potentially produces more value.

2. Usability: They accept Redeemable as payment for their products or services. Providing RED common utility.

Having company shares directly issued into the Shareslake network offers an infinite number of possibilities for companies of any size, and also allows the creation of a new financial ecosystem.

Companies will be able to easily manage their financial processes, from shares management to product sales thanks to the Shareslake Network and Shareslake Ecosystem tools.

Frequently asked questions

Find here some common doubts we receive

Shareslake is more than the Redeemable coin. Even though Redeemable is a new concept of coin categorized between stablecoins and normal coins, Shareslake was conceived to serve as a new way of funding companies and trade their shares in the long term. The Redeemable coin will serve as the base coin to exchange those other assets that will live inside the Shareslake network. Indeed, in the Shareslake's origins, Redeemable was just another speculative coin, but it was changed in order to attract institutional capital and increase its usability, isolating companies from the common volatility of the crypto markets.

The only way of protecting against inflation is by investing the money. Investing the money requires to lock it on some security. Using Redeemable you will be protected against inflation, preserving your purchase power, while you can still spend the Redeemable. In short, you will be protected against the inflation without locking your funds.

As you probably know, Redeemable started as a normal token. Then, some major changes were done in order to collateralized it to eliminate its volatility making it much more usable. Since the Redeemable never reached a value of $1, Shareslake will cover the difference and add it to the reserve so the initial 1:1 peg with the US dollar is maintained.

We created a bridge to move the old Cardano tokens to the Shareslake network. The detailed steps can be found here: https://docs.shareslake.com/bridge.html

The documentation as well as a repository with some script to semi-automate the process can be found at https://docs.shareslake.com/pool-deployment.html

Read Our Documents

The following documents contain an in-depth description of the project:

Add your node to the network

We became the first Cardano fork on May 1st, 2022. Thus, adding a stake pool to the network is really similar to adding a stake pool in Cardano.

Adding your stake pool allows you to earn Redeemable every 3 days period, every epoch.

To facilitate the process, we created a repository containing all the required information step by step and also several scripts that will help you to deploy the pool semi-automatically.

For more information see: https://docs.shareslake.com/pool-deployment.html


This is an approximated roadmap that is used as reference of the project advances. Our team strives to meet the following deadlines, but they may not be exact.

2021 Q2
  • The first idea appeared
2021 Q3-Q4
Technical diving
  • Elaborating the idea, thinking about feasibility
  • Research about implementation and possible technical solutions
2021 Q4
Prepare the public launch
  • Find a name
  • Design branding
  • Create website and social media
2022 Q1
Network development
  • Start creating a community
  • Network creation starts
  • Small pre-sale
2022 Q2
Network Release
  • Mainnet released
  • A re-factorization of the Redeemable coin economy to solve the issues we found began to take shape
2022 Q3
  • First version of the Company Manager UI
  • Collaboration with wallets to support our network
  • Redeemable economy refactorization
  • Development of first versions of Shareslake Businesses Registry and Shareslake Payments Monitoring
2022 Q4
Redeemable adoption
  • Shareslake Businesses Registry deployment
  • Shareslake Payment Monitoring System deployment
  • Network behavior monitoring and upgrades regarding Tx volume
  • Bringing Redeemable to businesses
2023 Q1
Companies management and exchange
  • Development of the Company Manager
  • Start development of the Shareslake Exchange
To be continued...
  • We will update the roadmap while the project progress
  • Examples of future works: supporting high frequency trading

Get Redeemable

We are finishing a dashboard to interact with the reserve.. Available soon!


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.